How To Start Ashawo Business In Nigeria to start ashawo business in Nigeria

Ashawo Business Has A Big Market In Nigeria, learn How To Start Ashawo Business In Nigeria

Ashawo business is like any other business which in plane terms is when you give out service or you sell a product in exchange for money or you either use your money to buy a product or pay for a service, however, learning how to start ashawo business in Nigeria is one of those businesses that many sex workers in Nigeria have not learnt. to start ashawo business in Nigeria

I was inspired to write this rather comprehensive post on How To Start Ahawo in Nigeria because of the many cries from some Ashawo I have come in contact with.

This is one of the girls we spoke with;


One of the persons that need to learn How To Start Ashawo Business In NigeriaBlessing Nwankwo, who declared that she was lured into prostitution by her neighbour said she used to do all styles in the open air brothel until officers the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) cameras scattered our business. After that experience, she has been avoiding customers with strange ideas.
She revealed that, the whole started after she saw the affluent lifestyle of a lady she admired in her neighborhood and was bent on knowing what she does. Eventually, she was introduced to a night club, where men go home with them and gave them some good cash.
“Right now, it has become part of me and I cannot stop. Though, I make money sleeping with men, sometimes I have s*x without money. I’m used to sex. So anywhere, any time I’m available. I can do it here, I can do it at home. But I’m not telling you not to pay me ooo,” she added.

You need to hear this one too;

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On arrival, a well-shaped girl with rounded hips, Jessica Asika, from Ogwashi-Ukwu in Delta State, sighted our correspondent and came for a possible patronage. “Hello sweetie, you are here,” she said as if she knew him as a regular customer. After a response from our correspondent, she appealed: “I’m thirsty. Please, help me with water,” a request, which was granted by OUR correspondent.
Shortly after this, the prostitute became an Oliver Twist and said, “I’m hungry, please help me with N100 bread, I will eat it with my water.” Seeing that she was experiencing lull in the business that first night, our reporter granted her request and added a bottle of bottled soft drink instead of water.
Seemingly mannered, though the reason for her involvement in the business of prostitution is complicated, she turned down the request to have a quickie at the open air brothel or behind the kiosk, saying: “I don’t want ‘one corner.’ There are places for short time. I don’t want police to arrest me and you won’t like being beaten by the police while on boxers. I don’t like that place.”


According to her, until last month, Ejigbo LCDA premises, and the adjourning building, including open air, are the places ‘one corner’ quickies take place. She said the brothel doesn’t ensure proper coverage of the people as passersby see them while having sex.
“We can Bleep there, pointing at one of short-time rooms, but I won’t go to the open air because police come to raid the place. Before, we used to settle the police officers and security guards attached to the Ejigbo LCDA until SARS came and arrested some people. Some guys were arrested half-Unclad and I am sure you won’t want such embarrassment,” she said.



She insisted that there are different short time brothels that can be used for N1000 instead of going to open air brothel. She added that the open air brothel goes for as cheap as N500 and even N200.
“I like short time because I make more money. On a good day, I can take as much as seven men per night if I decide to go on short time. I choose my customers. One of the criteria is that, such a person must be neat. I don’t do dirty people,” she said.
To a reporter, who requested s*x without payment, she said after laughing, “Yes, we are friends already. Well, if you become my friend, you will pay once in a while, but if you don’t have money, you will not pay.
“How can I do runs where I live? I might run into somebody that knows me. They don’t know what I do,” she said, responding to the question, why she doesn’t operate in FESTAC, where a number of good Nite clubs exist.
She stated that she took to prostitution after her boss demanded for s*x from her. This claim sounded superfluous. Susan is hoping and believing God that one day she will get married to a God-fearing man.
“The open air brothel is a make shift tent where the owners collect as low as N200 per round of s*x. You don’t lay there rather you squat or you bend while the man penetrates from the back. It’s not hidden even other people passing will be seeing you while you do that. Though, it is about everybody minding their own business here. She can charge N500 or N700 per round in open air. 

After going through all this you will know why the need to educate the sex workers on How To Start Ashawo Business In Nigeria

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Follow the steps below;

  1. You are a business woman: Like the popular saying goes; If you don’t know who you are then others will make you believe who you are not. You have to know that you are a business person just like Dangote and you need to carry yourself like such.
  2. The world is online now: With the help of your smart phone you can stay in your room and control the number of clients you need in a day. You will need a blog like the one you are reading now to make this possible. You can get a website with as low as 30k  naira or you click HERE
  3. Print A business card: With as low as 5k you can get a nice business card that can help your customers reach you anytime. Make sure that the phone number you put there is just for business. I can help you get the business card. If you need it click HERE
  4. Treat Your Customers Well: There is this popular saying that Ashawo are mad people but you will get more customers will you are able to treat your clients differently.


If you go through this post very carefully then you will not have a problem knowing How To Start Ashawo Business In Nigeria very professionally.

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